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The Need For Precise Needle Placement

Acupuncture is an alternative form of medicine that uses needles which are inserted in to the human body to relieve ailments and maladies that pester people. This alternative form of treatment is sometimes greeted with trepidation by many due to the use of needles.

It is not only due to the needles that are used that trepidation and hesitation is present during an session but also the fact that the needle placement needs to be precise and on the dot.

Precision is the Key

The need for correct and precise needle placement is the essence of acupuncture.

The premise of this alternative form of treatment is to hit the correct spots in order to stimulate a positive response in the body. Some of the needle placement spots have limited space, hence the need to be precise. In some session gone wrong, the patients experience less than desirable effects of not being able to get the right needle placement.

It does not matter if you are using the best needle, what is important is getting the needle placement right. Getting the needle placement wrong can prove dangerous and in some rare cases, fatal.

This is one reason why there is trepidation when a first timer goes to a person who practices acupuncture.

The two more common forms of are the Japanese and the Chinese ones. The difference between the two is the make up of the needles. originated in China and was introduced to Japan later on. The Japanese who usually practice are mostly blind which is why their form of is finer and more refined or delicate than those of the Chinese.

Basically, the needle placement of both cultures is the same, although the Japanese tend not to insert the needle too deep compared to the Chinese practitioners of acupuncture.

The need for precise needle placement is vital. There are schools and experts in who teach many people who wish to learn this alternative form of treatment. Many are certified and licensed professionals duly accredited with the government but there are also some fly by night individuals who try to pass themselves off as the real thing.

The problem with most alternative forms of medicine is that there are not a lot of ways to certify if they are legitimate or not. Care should be practiced when choosing where to go to for an session. Cheaper does not necessarily mean safer and better.

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